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Baby Sleeping Bag

Baby Sleeping Bag

Baby Sleeping Bag

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This Baby Sleeping Bag keeps your baby warm on a stroller or during car travel. It is multi-purpose, fitting strollers and can be used as a normal insulated sleeping bag for your child while traveling. It is most suitable for use during winter, spring, and autumn or in an air-conditioned area, keeping your child warm and cozy at all times.

This Baby Sleeping Bag is made with the quality insulating material, softly padded with warm fleece lining and extra quilting, to keep your baby warm during winter, autumn, spring or in an air-conditioned room. The material is also wind and water-resistant.

Besides using it on a stroller, it can be used as a normal sleeping bag for your baby on travel. It suits car rides, caravans, and vacation stay.
The sleeping bag comes in 4 elegant colors and teddy bear designs bring delight to the child.




  • Size: 82cm / 32.3inch
  • Materials: High-quality Cotton, Polyester
  • Recommended for baby's from 3-12 months


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