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ErgoTek® Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

ErgoTek® Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

ErgoTek® Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

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Protect Your Wrist With The ErgoTek® Ergonomic Vertical Mouse



The ErgoTek® Ergonomic Vertical Mouse is an advanced mouse that combines science-driven design with elevated performance.

Rise above discomfort with a mouse designed to reduce muscle strain, decrease wrist pressure, and improve posture.


  • The natural resting position of the wrist and forearm is the ‘thumbs-up’ position. This is a contrast to the position of the standard flat mouse where you rotate your forearm to get the hand in a palm down position (pronation). One of the benefits of a vertical mouse is it can prevent pronation and carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • The ErgoTek® Ergonomic Vertical Mouse may just be what you need to power through your workday. For workers who can not limit their time using a mouse, a vertical mouse may reduce strain and prevent this injury.
  • A unique device for your desktop or laptop that will allow you more natural movement in your arm & wrist and help you move more freely.


STABLE CONNECTION WITH LESS NOISE CLICK: Deliver a powerful, reliable wireless mouse connection with high anti-interference performance. Quieter click makes you concentrate on the work without disturbing others beside you. Just Plug and Play!

WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Well compatible with Windows7/8/10/XP, Vista7/8, and Linux, etc. Fits for desktop, laptop, PC, Macbook and other devices.

800 / 1200 / 1600 DPI Resolution Optical Tracking Technology provides more sensitivity than standard optical mice for smooth and precise tracking on a wide range of surfaces.


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