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Nova Trends® Panoramic Snorkeling Mask

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Do you want to snorkel with an easy-breathing, comfortable and hygienic experience? 

Imagine that you could freely enjoy the underwater adventure with 180-degree viewing and capture every amazing moment with a camera. 


  • SUPERIOR 180 UNDERWATER VIEWS – Our Panoramic Diving Mask offers a 180° view Snorkel and Mask for amazing underwater adventures. The Complete Snorkel Gear Set comes with the full-face snorkeling mask, a handy waterproof bag for your phone, documents or money, and an excellent stand attachment for your GoPro camera.
  • NO MORE WATER IN THE TUBE – Easy Breathing Snorkel Mask with Dry Top Technology prevents water from entering in this full face snorkel mask so you don’t accidentally breathe or swallow water
  • COMFORTABLE ANTI-FOG DESIGN – The mask also comes with comfortable anti-fog technology which prevents your mask from fogging up. The innovative double air design with separate breathing chamber will drive the airflow away from your viewing visor, which means that you can breathe comfortably and have fully enjoyable diving experience. Won't work with beards!
  • FULLY WATERPROOF POUCH – An Awesome addition that will keep your phone and valuables safe while you’re underwater. The adjustable waist belt, store anything from your smartphone and watch to documents, money, credit cards or anything else of value you’d like to keep with you at all times. PVC material allows you to use your phone’s touch screen without pulling it out, so you can even access your phone while diving!

Air Flow

Our full face snorkel mask allows you to breathe normally underwater. You can freely and calmly breathe through your nose or mouth as is on land, letting you engage in snorkeling without worries of choking.



Our mask is finished with a cozy watertight seal made of silicone that prevents leakage. If water gets into the mask, simply raise your head to allow the water to drain through the chin valve.



Our snorkel is equipped with separate air-flow channels to prevent fogging, allowing you to stay underwater as long as you want!


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