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Poncho Tent

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This Poncho Tent is specially designed for any outdoor adventures and your backup tent, tarp or lean-to.

Great for fishing, hunting, tactical or camping mat. It’s a MUST to keep in the vehicle, RV, Go Bag, Survival Kit, Tactical or Backpacking Gear. 


Emergency Heat: Wind is a natural enemy to heat—especially if you’re in an emergency trying to stay warm with what little you have. Wearing a poncho not only keeps you dry, but can act as a wind break so you can stay a bit warmer, too.

Ground Tarp: During long backpacking trips, sleeping on the ground is rarely fun, but if you’re wet at the same time, then it never is. On dry nights when a dew layers the ground, a poncho is a great way to separate you from the moisture as you lay down to sleep or even just rest. Just lay your sleeping bag out on top of the poncho and the poncho will act as a moisture barrier between you and the dewy ground.


Rain Fly For Your Gear: Camping and hiking adventures are often complemented by light sprinkles of rain or downpours. If you have excess gear sitting outside your tent or camper, a poncho is a great way to keep your gear dry while you take refuge inside.


  • Made of high-quality fabric
  • Extra large hood and extra long length
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Multifunction as a rain poncho, tent or mat
  • Collapsible to be hold in a small pouch, easy carrying


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