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QuikStand™️ Portable Bike Stand

QuikStand™️ Portable Bike Stand

QuikStand™️ Portable Bike Stand

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Park Your Bike Anywhere Within Seconds!


Easy to use
✔ Stable & secure
✔ Portable & lightweight
✔ Prevents damage
✔ Put your bike on display
✔ Perfect for light maintenance
✔ Fits all size bikes
✔ Durable



Fed up with bike stands that scratch your bike frame, are difficult to use, and a hassle to get the bike in or out?

Whether you're struggling to find space indoors or want to use it for stand up bike parking, this is the perfect bike stand for you!

The BikeSlot™️ is a lightweight, folding stand for storing, parking or displaying your bicycle.

No more having to lean your bike against walls, doors, cars or other bikes.

[Easy To Use]:

It's amazingly easy to roll the bike in or out of the stand. You can just push in and pull out easily. Just roll the front or rear wheel into the mechanism and your bike is held firm. 
To set up the stand, simply open up the legs and support arm and slot the front or back wheel into the stand. Amazingly simple and effective. It comes ready to use, no assembly required.

[Stable & Secure]: 

The BikeSlot™️ is so easy to use and holds your bike secure and upright. It's the perfect way to store your daily commuter. Great portability, and perfect stability. Also a great stand for bikes with no kickstand. The widespread legs give it stability whether you use your front or back wheel.

[Portable & Lightweight]: 

Light enough to fold up and take to events. Ideal for slinging in the car and much better than balancing against the car! Packs down really well for carrying. It is lightweight and folds away as a flat pack. Packs away neatly when it's not needed or for transportation in the car. 
The stand is stable and light enough to reposition easily. It takes up very little space in the back of a car so it could be useful for race and sportive riders once they have unloaded their bike from the car at race HQ.

[Prevents Damage]:

Keep marks and scratches off the walls and furnishings. Ideal when you don't want to store your bike on wall brackets and risk damage to your expensive seat or handgrips when in contact with for example brickwork in the garage.
If you have a beautiful bike this is a great way to store it safely without anything touching your frame or rims. It is very stable and the only contact is with the tyres. Now there'll be a lot less marks on your wall!

[Put Your Bike On Display]:

If you have a nice apartment and an expensive bike and you want to show it off then this is the stand for you. Fit for a showroom or a loft apartment. 

[Perfect For Light Maintenence]:

Useful for basic work on your bike such as cleaning. It is stable enough to facilitate light cleaning and lubricating. Assists in simple mechanical activities such as oiling chains.


[Fits All Size Bikes]: This product is suitable for all kinds of tires, with high strength springs, which can be adjusted according to the width of the tire.
Suitable for all kinds of road bikes, mountain bikes and can be adjusted according to different models. 
The spring-loaded arm stabilizes the front or rear wheel and accepts wheel diameters from 20" to 29"


[Durable]: This product is made of aluminum alloy material. It is very strong and can be used for a long time and is not easy to wear out. This product has strong stability, the double card slot design provides protection, and has scratch-resistant plastic pads, which can reduce the damage to your car.


Color: Comes in black or silver
Size: 43x32x43cm
Material: Strengthened aluminum alloy
Suitable for: Road bikes, mountain bikes

1x BikeSlot™️ Portable Bike Stand