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StoryScope® Storytime Flashlight

StoryScope® Storytime Flashlight

StoryScope® Storytime Flashlight

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Is It A Flashlight? No, It's A Storytime Projector!

This little light comes with four different circus-themed discs that clip onto the end. When projected onto a wall, each tells a colorful story and encourages the development of a child's imagination.

Each projected illustration is drawn in a brightly colored, vintage style!

Turn out the lights and let the stories unfold. 

Product Features:

  • Help kids explore their imaginations with the Kids Storybook Torch. 
  • Encourage the most out of your children's imaginations with this toy that comes with 4 different story picture wheels each with 8 different pictures for children to explore.
  • With dozens of funny and exciting images, Kids Storybook Torch will bring the most out of kids' imagination and allow them to dive into imaginative worlds and see the world through a different lens.
  • This toy is a fantastic gift that any kid would love.
  • This interactive toy helps to develop kids' imagination with bedtime fairy tales.


  • Storybook torch and 4 different fairy tales
  • Brilliant colorful images that bring storytime to life
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up


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