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Deodorizing Toilet Cleaner Bunnies

Deodorizing Toilet Cleaner Bunnies

Deodorizing Toilet Cleaner Bunnies

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With help from these Deodorizing Toilet Cleaner Bunnies, you can forget about scrubbing toilets. The toilet can be squeaky clean, sanitized and decontaminated without the use of any aggressive chemicals. This automatic rabbit toilet cleaner is just what you need.

This powerful cleaning tool comes in the most fun form - it is shaped like a rabbit that is placed inside the tank. When you flush the water, the rabbit will do its magic and automatically clean the inside of the toilet

The rabbit is made of different cleaners, fungicides, and perfumes. It will effectively clean the toilet, remove any bacteria, sterilize it and get rid of odors. Also, it keeps the tank, rim and all water pipes clean as well.


  • Material: a combination of cleaners, perfumes, and fungicides
  • Size: 13x7 centimeters
  • Additional features: cleaning, disinfection


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