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Seal-N-Stack™ Vacuum Airtight Container

Seal-N-Stack™ Vacuum Airtight Container

Seal-N-Stack™ Vacuum Airtight Container

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The Seal-N-Stack™ Vacuum Airtight Container adjusts to take up just as much space as it needs, maximizing your cabinet and pantry storage and maintaining the freshness of dry foods.

As you press the lid down, excess air comes out—and stays out—with one satisfying swoosh, thanks to a one-way air valve. 

The storage bottle takes the airtight, air-removing pantry container to the next level by shrinking the whole container as you remove the air. 

The ½ Smart Storage System by Botto Design


  • ADJUSTABLE: It can change in size to perfectly accommodate its contents between 16 oz & 32 oz (470 ml - 960 ml).
  • FRESH-KEEPING: It keeps food fresher for longer. "Swoosh" sound guaranteed. No electricity needed.
  • ANTI-LEAK DESIGN: The container comes with a lid that has a one-way valve. Air goes out and doesn’t come back in.
  • SPACE-EFFICIENT: It only takes up exactly as much space as it needs to hold its contents.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Apply to store spaghetti, macaroni, cereals, candy, Snack, coffee bean, tea, scented tea, flour, etc. 

    Product Info

    • 100% FDA approved food-safe material. Meets or exceeds the Japanese Food Sanitation Act standards.
    • Height 4⅝” (compressed) to 7⅝” (extended) x Diameter 4⅜”
    • Height 4.6'' / 118 mm (compressed) to 7.6'' / 194.5 mm  (extended) x Diameter 114 mm
    • Storage capacity freely adjustable between 16 oz (470 ml) and 32 oz (960 ml).
    • Care: Hand wash recommended. Do not microwave or store in the freezer. Top-rack dishwasher safe.

    Instructions for Use

    1. Open and loosen the lid.
    2. Extend the container.
    3. Fill the container with food.
    4. Close the lid.
    5. Press down and force the air out.

    Package Includes

    • 1x Seal-N-Stack™ Vacuum Airtight Container


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